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Welcome to this Wasteland, the wasteland of an old classic..

Hello all. Those of you who don't know, i'm the creator of pokomic. It has been 2 years since I have laid my eyes on this web comic and for some reason, I feel bad. 2 years ago i started pokomic because i loved messing around with photoshop and creating my own world. I had lots of fun while producing the story and creating the characters emotions and personalities but as you know, every beginning has an end, some happier than others. When I started neglecting this webcomic, i came to the stage where i wouldn't even worry about it any more and I won't use the excuse of other work getting in the way because to me I know it was just pure laziness. I know that i let some of my fans down and that someone always looked forward to wanting to know what might happen next in my little story. Back then i was only in the 10th grade and my imagination ran wild for this story. It kept me busy and always thinking. Now being in the 12th grade, makes me feel that I've missed so much. There were so many occasions where I wanted to return to the world of pokomic but my drive was completely obliterated..

The thing is, with all the new games of pokemon being released. Continuing pokomic, an emerald story remake, won't be that interesting to you all.. The times has changed and my competition seems out of this world. 2D pixels can not compete with the 3D world.

So let me end of with by saying, it has been a BLAST working my this pokomic production but I will have to leave you all. I would love to continue but my calling has long left me. Thanks to all the fans that have supported me for the time i have strived. I wish you all luck to the future. Cheers guys.

-Ebrahim Isaacs

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