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The reason i haven't been updating for the past 3 weeks.

Hey everyone, Sorry for not being active for most of last month.. I had been struck by a terrible sickness and couldn't get access to my pc, having no time to make any more pages for the comic and this also explains why i'm only informing the fans at this time.. For right now, i'm slowly recovering and have reclaimed my pc privilege's from my parents also pokomic will be back on track again soon if not tomorrow next week.. I feel bad for not creating new pages for the fans and i certainly don't wanna stop in the middle like most sprite comics.. I want to go through with pokomic from start until end!

Well again sorry for the trouble and hopefully updates will start normally again! ^_^

-Ebrahim Isaacs

- Posted by Ebi14 on May 4th, 2011, 9:07 am    -   0 comments

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